The Benefit of Trees
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The Benefit of Trees


Have you ever really thought about what role trees play in our world? Take a look and you’ll acquire a new healthy respect for our leafy friends.

  • Add curb appeal
  • Increase your property value. Studies have shown trees can increase your home value up to 27%
  • Act as windbreaks and privacy screens.
  • Can reduce your annual heating and cooling cost. A group of evergreens blocking the winter wind can save a home up to 20% on the heating bill.
  • Cool the air. Trees evaporate water from their leaves, working like an evaporative air conditioner. Shade along with this can reduce temperatures around the tree by 5 to 9 degrees.
  • Clean pollutants from the air. Enjoy clean, fresh air due to the openings in a tree’s leaves where pollutants enter and are filtered.
  • Buffer noise. A combination of evergreens, deciduous trees, and dense shrubs is the best solution for sound absorption.
  • Improve the soil. Trees support an underground world of beneficial micro organisms.
  • Prevent erosion of land.