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Outdoor kitchens in Columbus Ohio


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Plan & design your outdoor kitchen

Most outdoor kitchens are designed as a feature with a newly installed paver patio.  The placement of your outdoor kitchen should be near the home, to limit travel time for supplies inside the house.

The primary feature of an outdoor kitchen is the grill.  Choose from gas or charcoal and vary in size from 24″ to 50″+.  While designing the placement of your grill, do so that it will not interfere with guests who are using counter space.  Make sure your grill island is large enough to accommodate your guests.  A good rule of thumb is each seat will take up about  30″.  Guests should be able to move about freely without disturbing other guests or the grill chef.  In addition to the guests you will need ample space to prepare and serve food.    Do not skimp on counter space, it will come back to haunt you.

 Call  MLH Design & Build to begin your outdoor kitchen today, this one feature you will enjoy and won’t regret!